Stryk Group USA // Relationships + Know How + Results
Impact consulting for the world's leading hunting, camping, fishing and firearms brands.
Leveraging over 40 years of industry relationships to grow your brand.
A few of the brands our team has had the honor to work with in the past or as current clients
We're experienced 'Outdoor Industry' Professionals. Our team has developed deep relationships and experience within the areas of the market that impact your business the most. Our partner brands are able to use that experience and insight to define strategies and programs that makes sense and create results. Our focus is on helping companies identify their customers, anticipate their behavior, enrich the conversations they're having with them across various channels and ultimately monetize them with great products, well designed programs and an increased sales funnel view.
  • 1
    Sales & Marketing
    Program design, G2M Strategy, Sales & Marketing Integration, E-commerce expertise.
  • 2
    Executive search, Fractional C-Suite Placement, etc.
  • 3
    Capital & Financing
    Debt & Equity Recapitalization, Financing assistance, Growth fund raising.
  • 4
    Brand direction, Persona definition, Visual standards, Verbal & Visual Identity
  • 5
    Product Design, Engineering oversight, Inspection ready drawings, etc.
  • 6
    Process engineering, Reorganization planning, Transition planning, etc.
What our clients are saying
"Our partnership with Stryk Group has been a motivating and beneficial experience for Polymer80. Their expertise in marketing, sales, operations management and engineering has proven to be integral to Polymer80's revenue growth and continues to pay dividends for our company. Stryk's recommendations have had a meaningful impact on Polymer80's success."
Dan McCalmon
Polymer 80
"Our company had decades of experience in B2B sales of machined parts. We knew how to make great parts fast, but we were taken off guard by how nuanced selling and effectively marketing products in the firearms space would be as we entered the firearms market. It became evident early on that we would need help to grow our firearms sales. Stryk Group has provided excellent sales support and marketing strategy. They have been a critical part of our rapid growth. We value their partnership and look forward to years of growth, together."
Jeff Kaplan
Tactical Kinectics
"Where do I even begin with Stryk Group? These guys have assembled a team of industry professionals that continue to exceed our expectations at every turn. In a very short amount of time they have helped to launch our brand into the retail world in a cost effective and targeted way, had we done this on our own it would have cost us infinitely more in time, money & manpower. Our teams complimented one another right out of the gate. At this point we consider them part of the family."
Caleb Clark