We've been helping brands in the hunting, camping, fishing & shooting industries for a long time. What sets us apart are the tactical ways we partner with our clients.
Technology Enabled
We represent a rare combination of strong "boots on the ground" Sales & Marketing talent as well as, in-house digital capabilities. We excel at optimizing brand value and generating demand across channels.
We have over 40 years of experience in developing and delivering successful sales programs to the industry. We have an intimate understanding of the 'outdoor' space giving us unique perspective on what's out there, what matters and how to best position your brand for growth.
Filling the Gaps
In addition to driving strategy across sales and marketing our team is able to add value by providing a variety of ad hoc services such as fractional C-Suite placement, debt & equity recapitalization, organizational planning, product design & engineering to name a few.
What we do
Brand direction, Persona definition, Visual standards, Verbal & Visual Identity
Executive search, Fractional C-Suite Placement, etc.
Capital & Finance
Debt & Equity Recapitalization, Financing assistance, Growth fund raising.
Sales & Marketing
Program design, G2M Strategy, Sales & Marketing Integration, E-commerce expertise.
Process engineering, Reorganization planning, Transition planning, etc.
Product Design, Engineering oversight, Inspection ready drawings, etc.
A few of the brands our team has had the honor to work with in the past or as current clients